Company Profile


   A family business was set up in the early 60s in small retailer shops selling FMCP. In the early 70s, the business was extended to furniture business where a show-room and “Magasin Wassel” were established and incorporated subsequently.

  In the early 80s, the business developed largely and expanded to add more major commodities. The commerce evolved as a result of increasing inter-trade relations between Djibouti and Ethiopia; in the early 90s, ETS. WASSEL S.A.R.L was founded.

  Moreover, the business had expanded with adding home appliances products and electronics.

  Currently we are representing well known brands & Companies in different sectors . for EX : Electronics sector (SAMSUNG) , Food sector : LUNA , ALSAEED TRADING CO , LEGADOR , AFIA , DALA , SHARK & Antiseptic sector : CLOROX .


 Our vision

  • To attain the leadership rule in our focused markets through a better understanding of consumer's needs.
  • To being market-oriented corporation


 Our Mission

  • Enhancing our customer satisfaction through innovating and improving our offered products and services.
  • Sustaining growth momentum to both company and economy.